Surgical Microscopes

LAST UPDATE: 01/01/2018


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Zeiss Surgical Microscopes

  • ZEISS OPMI 1FC S21 Surgical Microscope
     FiberOptic Illumination
     S-21 Floor Stand
Zeiss OPMI-1 F S21

S21 Floor Stand

  • ZEISS OPMI 9 S1 Surgical Microscope "In Stock"
      S1 Floor Stand      
  • ZEISS OPMI 1FC Surgical Microscope "In Stock"
      FiberOptic Illumination
      Tri-Base Floor Stand 
  • ZEISS OPMI 1 Surgical Microscope "In Stock"
      Incandescent (Bulb) Illumination
      Tri-Base Floor Stand
  • ZEISS OPMI MD "Email for Availability"
     S2, S3  or NC-1 Floor Stand
  • ZEISS OPMI CS "Email for Availability"  
     NC-1 Neuro Contraves Stand
    FiberOptic Illumination
    FootSwitch Control Zoom & Focus
  • ZEISS OPMI 9 Surgical Microscopes "In Stock"
      Incandescent Illumination
     3 Step Magnification
     Tri-Base Floor Stand
  • ZEISS OPMI 1 Surgical Microscope "In Stock"
      Table Top/Lab Stand
  • Storz-Urban US-1 M3 ENT Microscopes "In Stock"
      FiberOptic Illumination
      3 Step Magnification 
      H-Base Stand
  • Storz-Urban US-1 M5 ENT Microscope "In Stock"
      5 Step Magnification
      H-Base, Tri-Base or
  • D.F.V  ENT Microscope "Email for Availability"
     Tri-Base Floor  Stand or Wall Mounted
  • ZEISS Surgical Microscope Replacement Bulb 6v 30w "$23.00 In Stock" *Made in Germany*
  • ZEISS Surgical Microscope Replacement Bulb 6v 50w  "35.00 In Stock"  *Made in Germany*
  • Vasconcellos/Richards Microscope Bulb "$40.00 In Stock" *Made in Germany*
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  SMR Maxi Exam Chair
  • SMR H-Chair *In Stock*
  • SMR Mid-Max Exam Chair *Currently out of Stock*
    Manual Back
    Power Up/Down

  • SMR Maxi Exam Chair *Currently out of Stock*
    Fully Powered
  • SMR Apex 2000 Exam Chair
    Functions: Up/Down, Flat, Trendelenberg, Manual Headrest *
    Call or Email for Availability*
  • SMR Apex 2100 Exam Chair
    Functions: Up/Down, Flat, Manual Headrest
    *Call or Email  for Availability*




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 SMR J7 Treatment Cabinet SMR Maxi Wood Grain SMR Maxi Stainless Steel ENT Cabinet Midmark 448 Cabinet


 Stainless Steel Exterior

SMR MAXI  WoodGrain Exterior

SMR MAXI  Stainless Steel Exterior

SMR MAXI  WoodGrain Exterior

Midmark 448
 Procedure Cart 


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  • FiberOptic Light Sources
  • Portable Suction Pumps


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Storz & Zeiss Surgical Microscopes

  • Zeiss OPMI 1FC Microscope
  • Zeiss OPMI 9FC Microscope
  • Zeiss Surgical Microscope S1 Floor Stands
  • Zeiss Surgical Microscope S21 Floor Stands
  • Zeiss Surgical Microscope S-21 Floor Stands
  • Zeiss Wall Mount Microscopes
  • Zeiss OPMI 1 Surgical Microscopes Floor Stand or Wall Mount
  • Zeiss OPMI 9 Surgical Microscopes Floor Stand or Wall Mounted
  • Zeiss OPMI 6 Surgical Microscope S3 Floor Stand
  • Storz Microscopes
  • Storz Urban Microscopes
  • Global Surgical Microscopes
  • SMR APEX 2000 Exam Chair
  • SMR APEX 2100 Exam Chair
  • SMR Maxi Treatment Cabinets
  • ENT Treatment Cabinets
  •  ENT Surgical & Office  Instruments - Used
  • Surgical Microscopes - Zeiss, Storz, Global, Endure, Prescott's & DFV (DF Vasconcellos)
  • Welch Allyn Otoscopes - Diagnostic & Pneumatic

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