Microscope Accessories


Zeiss Eye Cups, Replacement Eyecups

Zeiss Eyecups

New Replacement Zeiss Eye Cups for Zeiss High Eyepoint Eyepieces with Diopter Lock.

$76.00 Pair - In Stock

Zeiss Eyepieces

  Standard 12.5x & 20x
  High-Eyepoint 10x, 12.5x, 16x & 20x
  High-Eyepoint Screw Mounted 12.5x & 20x
  Wide Field Screw Mounted 10x & 12.5x


Zeiss Binocular

  Straight f=125mm, 160mm & 170mm
  Inclined f=125mm, 160mm & 170mm
  Inclinable 0 - 60 Degree
  Inclinable 0 - 180 Degree


Zeiss Objective Lens

Objective Lens
 f=150mm f=175mm f=200mm f=225mm
 f=250mm f=300mm f=350mm f=400mm
(f=Focal Length/Working Distance)


Zeiss Beam Spitter

Beam Splitter 50
  Splits the light so that 50% goes to the main operator & 50% to the left & right observer tubes and/or camera equipment.

In Stock

Zeiss Stereo Observer Tube

Stereo Observer Tube
  Allows observer or assistant the same field of view as the main observer. 
(Used with Zeiss Binoculars & Beam Splitter)

In Stock

Zeiss Observer Tube

Mono Observer Tube
Single eyepiece view for observing or assisting
(Zeiss Beam Splitter Required)

Out of Stock

Microscope Bulbs & Lamps
Zeiss Microscope Bulb 390158

ZEISS Microscope Bulb
6v 30w

For OPMI-1, 6 & 9 Surgical Microscopes
ZEISS 390158
(6v 50w Available $35.00 Each)

$ 33.00 Each
SALE $23.00
Surgical Microscope Bulb DFV 6v 30w
Microscope Bulb

For DF Vasconcellos or Richards Incandescent Illuminated Surgical Microscopes
$ 40.00 Each

"Limited Availability"

Zeiss Microscope Bulb EFR EFR 15v 150w
For Zeiss Light Sources, Storz Microscopes, DFV Light Sources
$ 24.00 Each
SALE $15.00
Zeiss Microscope Bulb EFP S1 S21 EFP 12v 100w
For Zeiss Light Sources
(S1 & S21 Floorstands)
$ 24.00 Each
SALE $15.00
Microscope Bulb DNF DNE 120v 150w
DNF 21v 150w
For DFV, Richards & other  Light Sources
$ 29.00 Each
SALE $26.00


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